Hangzhou improved the environment through refined management
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-06-15 15:49   Source:Hangzhou Daily

In recent years, Hangzhou has made continuous efforts to improve the environmental quality of the city through refined management and construction. The city has leveled roads, refurbished building facade, built barrier-free facilities for the impaired and the elderly and increased the coverage of green space in parks. With these solid efforts, it has effectively built the urban habitable environment featuring “a forest-surrounded city, green trees-flanked roads, garden-like houses and picturesque environment” to ensure that citizens live a real happy life. 

The details revealed in the environmental improvement indicate the city’s caring and concern for the residents. 

Author:Reporter: Ren Yan, Shi Jie, Liu Yuanyuan, Chai Yueying  Editor:Li Jiameng