Hangzhou revives as restrictions eased and policies introduced
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-06-09 11:12   Source:City Express

Wulin Night Market in central Hangzhou resumes its vitality. Photo: Zhu Jingning

Hangzhou saw tourism recovery during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday. Photo: Zhu Jingning

The renewed Wulin Night Market comes back while Hubin Pedestrian Street is bustling with activity. This is the city of Hangzhou we were familiar with.

Hangzhou had temporarily slowed down its pace for a while. Some medium and micro enterprises, small shops and supermarkets that usually provide a wide variety of job opportunities encountered difficulties due to the latest outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

To revitalize the urban life, the city and millions of its residents have been making every effort day and night.

Holiday sees recovering tourism

During the three-day Dragon Boat Festival holiday ended last Sunday, Hangzhou had received a total of 1.95 million tourists, almost the same as the number a year before, according to the Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, TV and Tourism.

Thanks to the loosened tourism restrictions, people in Zhejiang are encouraged to travel to the cities within the province where no local pandemic cases were reported last seven days.

Although Songcheng (the Song Dynasty City) is under construction, cultural and tourism venues in Hangzhou have generally maintained a safe, stable and orderly status. Tourism has witnessed a smooth recovery and the number of visitors per day doubled that of the May Day holiday.

For a holiday trip, many people choose to drive to the suburbs and travel with their family. The fever of rural tourist spots, large cultural complexes and B&Bs has been on the rise. Camping becomes a new form of outdoor leisure getting hot after the pandemic.

Also, some cultural sites and tourism products highlighting the Chinese traditional culture such as watching dragon boat races and wrapping Zongzi, a key delicacy of the festival, are still popular enjoyment for many. The Tangqi Ancient Town in Linping District received around 39.9 thousand tourists, while the dragon boat races on the Xianghu Lake in Xiaoshan District attracted about 33.8 thousand spectators.

Besides, Lin'an District has sent an invitation to the Hangzhou residents to enjoy the summer time at its leisure and recuperation resorts. More than 10,000 workers from 14 colleges and universities have joined the trip to Lin'an. "Next we will organize teachers from vocational high schools to come here for a good rest," said Wang Wenhe, the chairman of the Hangzhou Education Labor Union.

Recovery package gets impetus

On May 31, the State Council announced a package of 33 measures covering fiscal, monetary, investment and industrial policies to give a fillip to the economic growth.

Hangzhou also steps up its efforts to expedite delivery of its latest economic package for recovery, including 52 measures to revitalize the market and stabilize the overall economic performances.

Consumer discount coupons for goods and services will be issued giving priorities to cultural tourism, food services, accommodations, retail and other industries that have been severely affected by the pandemic and have provided a large number of jobs. The local media the City Express joins hands with stores and theaters to give away about one million shopping coupons.

Gongshu District announced to issue 100 million yuan comprehensive consumption coupons in diversified forms, such as digital RMB and consumption subsidies. For example, if you decide to buy a new car at a 4S store, you can use an 8000-yuan subsidy for one priced 150,000 yuan or more.

Supports will also be ramped up for the implementation of the national tax reduction policies, including a phased, value-added tax exemption policy for small-scaled taxpayers, VAT credit refunds, deferred payments for some taxes and policies related to export tax rebates. Banking and payment institutions will be guided and urged to introduce policies reducing fees for private businesses.

Binjiang District promises to provide better services for skilled workers and attract more technical workers at the opening ceremony of the 5th Binjiang International Talent Festival on May 26. Enterprises in Binjiang that recruit college graduates in 2022 and meet relevant requirements will be given a one-time subsidy of 1,500 yuan for each recruit.

Hangzhou, a city with innovative genes, never lacks innovators to get economy back on track. More efforts are required to further flesh out each and every measure to make sure that all of these supportive policies benefit the market.

Undoubtedly, you can be one of the contributors to rejuvenate the city as well.

Author:​Zhu Jingning  Editor:Li Jiameng