Hangzhou received 1.95 million non-local visits
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-06-06 14:23   Source:Hangzhou Daily

According to the data released by Hangzhou Administration of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism, Hangzhou tourism market received non-local tourists of 1.95 million person-times during the three-day Dragon Boat Festival, of which, tourists from within and outside Zhejiang Province accounted for 70.39% and 29.61% respectively. The total number of tourists rebounded to 93.7% of the volume in the same period last year. 

During the Dragon Boat Festival, the average daily tourist reception of all scenic areas (spots) and cultural sites ascended to 650,000 person-times, compared to 326,000 person-times in last May Day Holiday, indicating a strong rebound. Having undergone a gloomy period, Hangzhou cultural tourism industry finally bottomed out in the Dragon Boat Festival, with all cultural tourism sites and complexes gradually recovering with exuberant vitality.

Author:Reporter: Zhang Yali Correspondent: Zhang Jianwen  Editor:Li Jiameng