Hangzhou launched "Our Festival · Dragon Boat Festival" Theme Activity
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-05-31 16:44   Source:City Express

Hangzhou yesterday officially launched "Our Festival · Dragon Boat Festival" Theme Activity. With the theme of "carrying forward Dragon Boat Festival Culture and Chinese civilization", the activity will interpose characteristic Song culture show and experience of intangible cultural heritages to the relevant ceremony links to carry forward Dragon Boat Festival Culture.

The activity starts with A Dreamy Tour to the Southern Song Dynasty, a Han Clothing Fashion Show. The performers dressed in Song-style Han clothing presented three scenarios, namely Spring Outing, Marketplace and Wedding Ceremony, to revive the featured scenes of the Southern Song Dynasty. 

During the activity, Little Envoys of Song Culture performed Song-style Tea-pouring Ceremony, which was an intangible cultural heritage. Audiences may also experience rice dumpling making, sachet making, wormwood and calamus sharing, 3D dragon boat making, dipping realgar wine on forehead, pitch-pot and ring tossing on the site.

Author:  Editor:Li Jiameng