Culture instills endless intellectual impetus into common prosperity initiative
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-05-26 15:46   Source:Hangzhou Daily

Drawn by Tian Lanfang

During one year for the practice of common prosperity initiative, Hangzhou has highlighted culture in the construction of a model city in building demonstrative common property areas and has worked to forge a culture pacesetter in the new era to enrich people’s spiritual and cultural life.

While improving the income of rural residents by integrating culture with tourism, Hangzhou has swung into action to create high-quality literature and art works, dig up historical and cultural heritages and conduct extensive activities to promote inclusive public cultural services. These efforts aim to improve cultural and ethical standard as well as the living standard of the citizens.

In the future, Hangzhou will continue to unleash the comprehensive impetus of three world heritages, namely, the West Lake, the Grand Canal and Liangzhu Ancient City, and work to build the World Heritage Cluster and the Refined Song Culture Inheritance & Exhibition Center. It will accelerate the construction of landmark cultural facilities and create more high-quality literature and art works to build an international cultural & creative center with global influence.

Author:Chief Reporter: Zhang Lei Reporter:Zhang Yali  Editor:Li Jiameng