Hangzhou launched "Thousand Talents Promotion Program" for cultural tourism worldwide
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-05-25 15:35   Source:Hangzhou Daily

Recently, Hangzhou Administration of Culture, Radio, TV and Tourism launched "Thousand Talents Promotion Program" to seek for specialized talents in cultural tourism field from all over the world. The program aims to build a new-type cultural tourism talent pool and knowledge base, dig up more cultural stories and further clarify the cultural veins. It seeks for new findings from the research of cultural tourism in Hangzhou and explores new expression and form of urban cultural tourism propaganda in line with contemporary society.

The talent pool greets famous scholars, senior researchers and top-grade craftsmen who have special skills or academic research findings in their own fields, especially in fields of cultural relic archaeology, historical research, heritage protection, artistic creation, urban planning, architectural design, ecological protection, landscape architecture, Song culture and recreational tourism. It will integrate the inheritance, development and protection of traditional history and culture of Hangzhou with the popularization of scientific spirits and outlook, and will be presented in a friendlier manner to younger generation.

Author:Reporter: Zhang Yali Correspondent: Lu Yanying  Editor:ChengHuiyu