“Impression of the West Lake” Show Season 2022 started with “Dreamy Paradise”
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-05-23 17:05   Source:Hangzhou Daily


With the theme that “it is always a pleasure to greet a friend from afar”, the special charity performance by “Impression of the West Lake” Art Troupe on the evening of May 22 marked the initiation of Most Memorable Is Hangzhou Show Season 2022. The amazing show staged on the West Lake, which has drawn worldwide acclaims, and usually starts in warm spring season every year. 

Most Memorable Is Hangzhou Show Season was launched in a unique way by exhibiting “cultural common prosperity”. The cartoon image of “Tiger Ada” designed by Impression of the West Lake well interacted with the audiences on topics related to the “Asian Games”. Prior to the show, “Impression of the West Lake” Art Troupe performed “Asian Games Snapshots”. Several hundreds of Hangzhou citizens from all walks of life watched the show for free in the evening. 

Then, Dreamy Paradise, the newly choreographed singing and scene performance based on the urban song of Hangzhou, was staged on the lake. Since its release 27 years ago, the song has been widely sung around Hangzhou. It was also sung at Hangzhou West Lake Expo in 2002, and began to resonate in Paris, Vienna and London in 2019. 

Author:Reporter: Jiang Xiong  Editor:Li Jiameng