Cultural Mascot “Pakchoi” made its debut at the opening ceremony of Hangzhou First Pengbu Folk Culture and Art Festival
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-05-20 15:35   Source:Hangzhou Daily

Yesterday morning, Pengbu Old Street on the ground floor of Yuanbaotang Park in Hangzhou East New City was especially boisterous as the First Pengbu Elegant Song Folk Culture and Art Festival was held with the stunning Diabolo Performance Dragon Dance. 

In Song Folk Culture Fair on the old street corridor, citizens could not only appreciate Song-style Shaoxing Opera, Qiantang Storytelling, Handmade Incenses and other characteristic intangible cultural heritages, but also play funny folk games popular in the Song Dynasty, such as Pitch-pot, Dice Tossing, Watermelon Chess and Cat’s Cradle. The festival also witnessed the official founding of Pengbu Folk Art Troupe on the site.

On the site, a cute doll was especially eye-catching. It was known as “Pakchoi”, the cultural mascot of Pengbu Sub-district that made its debut on the festival. Designed in the shape of a plump green Chinese cabbage, it wore a bonnet with patterns of ancient seawalls & waves and had vegetable leaves fluttering on the top. 

Author:Reporter: Lu Yejue Shangcheng Convergence Media Alliance: Chu Xiao, Wang Guan  Editor:Li Jiameng