From January to April, Hangzhou's total import & export value reached 243.85 billion yuan, up 10.6% year on year
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-05-19 16:35   Source:Hangzhou Daily

According to Qianjiang Customs, Hangzhou’s total import & export value reached 243.85 billion yuan in the first four months of this year, up 10.6% year on year, of which, the export value was 169.31 billion yuan, up 26.3% year on year, and the import value was 74.54 billion yuan, down 13.7% year on year. 

From January to April, the top three trade partners of Hangzhou had been EU, USA and ASEAN, with the import & export value of 43.53 billion yuan, 33.3 billion yuan and 32.87 billion yuan, up 16.5%, up 25.4% and down 1.9% respectively, occupying 45.0% of the city’s total import & export value. The exports to US, Canada and Australia were 28.19 billion yuan, 8.24 billion yuan and 7.45 billion yuan, increased by 28.2%, 2.4 times and 1.5 times respectively.

Author:Reporter: Jin Huashan  Editor:Ye Lijiao