Aligning with Silicon Valley and Route 128, what's the significance of the West Science and Innovation Corridor to Hangzhou?
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-05-19 16:33   Source:City Express

Built in alignment with the standards of Silicon Valley and Route 128 of the USA, Hangzhou West Science and Innovation Corridor aimed to be “world-class” upon its birth in 2016. Yesterday afternoon, Hangzhou held a conference to promote the high-quality integrated development of Hangzhou West Science and Innovation Corridor and build a cradle for innovation, indicating that Hangzhou was accelerating the process of corridor development.  

Aligning with the powerful intellectual support and resources of Route 128 of the USA, the corridor has now attracted 39 listed companies, over 80,000 market entities and 500,000 talents. With the open and synergic environment for business start-ups, the corridor has gradually become the most appealing, creative and imaginative hot spot for sci-tech innovation in Hangzhou and even in Zhejiang. 

By going all out to promote the construction of the West Science and Innovation Corridor, Hangzhou not only consciously undertook the responsibilities of building up the strength of science and technology oriented for national strategies, but also pushed ahead with the efforts of building itself into a world-class modern socialist cosmopolis and a paradise of silicon valley and high technology. 

Author:Reporter: Lin Jian'an   Editor:Ye Lijiao