Glass bridge nightscape glorifies Wushan Park
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-05-13 16:44   Source:Hangzhou Daily


Jingshan has been favored by scholars. Recently, Wushan Park in Jingshan, Hangzhou, has been gorgeously decorated with a range of colorful night lamplight. Among them, Wushan Bridge, which tactfully displays the characteristic culture and scenery of Jingshan, is especially attractive. 

Wushan Bridge, a glass bridge with unique designs, is charming with illuminated lights at night. The elevation on both sides of the bridge uses D30 point light sources to render the effect of "points, lines and planes". Wall washer lights and flood lights with flowing rays are adopted to outline the perfect S-shaped contour of the glass bridge.

Author:Reporter: Ren Yan  Editor:Ye Lijiao