Hangzhou released the first list of key AI application scenarios in 2022
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-05-13 16:42   Source:Hangzhou Daily


Hangzhou has recently released the first list of key AI application scenarios to be built in 2022. The list includes 36 AI application scenarios, covering smart city, smart transport, smart education, smart countryside, smart business, smart community, smart cultural tourism, smart heathcare, smart park, smart Asian Games, smart manufacturing and other fields. Hangzhou will take full advantage of its superior resources in AI smart scenarios and give priority to the implementation and application of new technologies, new products and new patterns to promote the innovation and industrial development of AI technologies in the city. 

Based on big data, these application scenarios rely on the intelligent algorithm of "city brain", self-learning and other capacities to realize intelligent governance. Hangzhou takes the lead in digital economy, industrial ecology and innovation capacity and ranks among the top 3 in terms of AI. In the future, Hangzhou will continue with sci-tech innovation and industrial transformation and step up to turn into a new pacesetter in AI innovation. 

Author:Reporter: Guo Feng; Photo by Tian Lanfang  Editor:Ye Lijiao