Hangzhou releases the first list of common prosperity villages
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-05-11 16:12   Source:Hangzhou Daily

Recently, Hangzhou has released Opinions on High Quality Development of Model Common Property Villages and publicized the list of the first group of common prosperity villages, belts and clusters. 

Common prosperity villages refer to administrative villages that take the lead in the city in realizing common prosperity of all villagers. Common prosperity belts refer to the demonstrative belts integrated by ecological belt, industrial belt, landscape belt and tourism belt that link up the landscape, rural and industrial nodes through the rivers, lakes and traffic lines. Common prosperity clusters refer to aggregates composed of at least 3 administrative villages (cross township) with sound mechanisms for "platform co-building, resource sharing, common industrial prosperity, and brand shaping" to seek cross-regional clustered development.

Hangzhou will first make an experiment of these villages to seek for development of individual villages and continual regions, and finally build an important window for high-quality development of common prosperity demonstration areas to promote rural development. According to the Opinion, Hangzhou will build more than 200 common prosperity villages, 50 common prosperity belts and 25 common prosperity clusters by 2025. 

Author:Reporter: Ge Lingyan  Editor:Ye Lijiao