Linping sets an example for building the Grand Canal National Cultural Park
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-05-11 16:09   Source:Hangzhou Daily

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Recently, Hangzhou Grand Canal National Cultural Park Planning prepared by Hangzhou Bureau of Planning and Natural Resources has been officially released upon approval of Hangzhou Municipal Government. According to the planning, the construction of the cultural park will focus on two core display parks at Tangqi and Shangtang, displaying famous Jiangnan town along the Grand Canal and traces of archaic relics respectively, as well as other special display points, including Chaoshan.  

The planning presents the overall planning for a coordination area of 10.8 square kilometers. The general layout of the area includes one axis, one corridor, five islands and five centers. "One axis" refers to Canal Expo Axis that combines industrial and urban spaces; "one corridor" refers to the Ω-shaped creative cultural tourism service corridor that forms along the riverside greenbelt and links various functional sectors; "five islands" refer to Pioneering Sci-tech Innovation Island, Innovative Cultural Tourism Island, Smart Eco-island, Town Life Island and Island Reserved for Future Development; "five centers" refer to Headquarter Center, Sci-tech Innovation Center, Cultural Creativity Center, Ancient Town Center and LOHAS Center. Through in-depth integration and connection of the cultural tourism area, sci-tech innovation area and ancient town living area, Yuhang has set an example for integrating industry, city and tourism in the ancient town to promote the high-level development of Grand Canal (Linping Section) National Cultural Park.

Author:Reporter: Shen Pengyang  Editor:Ye Lijiao