Hangzhou Esports Centre brings an immersive experience to spectators
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-05-10 16:22   Source:Hangzhou Daily


Esports is one of the most popular sports of Hangzhou Asian Games. Compared to traditional sports, esports has higher requirements on details of spectators' watching experience. Now, let's go to Hangzhou Esports Centre to see how technologies shape a different competition venue. 

Just like "Star Battleship" in appearance, China Hangzhou Esports Centre is featured by the special hyperboloid structure with "interstellar whirlpool" design to create a sci-fi and futuristic atmosphere for esports.

Different from other sports, esports is presented via the screens. The well-equipped facilities, including 15 display screens, 6 acoustic devices and 192 stage lights, bring an immersive experience to spectators.

In addition, the digital cockpit in the command centre controls the venue operation merely by touching the screens and pressing the buttons. It can not only realize real-time monitoring, and fast response, as well as precise, efficient and systematic management, but also deal with emergencies in a timely manner through the automatic early warning, evacuation broadcasting and other functions. 

Author:Reporter: Xi Yuan  Editor:Ye Lijiao