Hangzhou will complete and open 17 fast roads and 44 renovated roads along metro lines by end of May
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-05-10 16:14   Source:Hangzhou Daily


A number of roads renovated for the upcoming Hangzhou Asian Games are now at the final stage of construction. According to the List of Work Tasks in Hundred-day Critical Action on Urban Infrastructure Construction for the Upcoming Asian Games, Hangzhou is expected to complete the construction of 17 fast roads and finish the renovation of 44 roads along metro lines by the end of May. 

17 fast roads are being connected at an accelerated pace, and 44 roads along metro lines are being continuously densified, which aims at forming a convenient urban transport network pattern with rational layout, complete functions and beautiful landscape. The infrastructure construction for the upcoming Asian Games, including road construction, enables Hangzhou to realize common prosperity through high-quality regional development and contributes to building the city into a world-class modern socialist metropolis.

Author:Reporter: Ge Xiaolu Photo by Zhang Zhibing  Editor:Ye Lijiao