Barrier-free facilities show care for people with an impairment
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-05-09 16:22   Source:Xiaoshan Daily


Yao Yudian is experiencing the accessible seats inside Xiaoshan Sports Centre Gymnasium Competition Venue


Yao Yudian is passing through the wheelchair ramp


Accessible (low) service desk at the ground floor of Xiaoshan Shop of Intime Department Store

Relevant facilities in city proper of Hangzhou have been renovated to facilitate barrier-free travel as the city is ushering in Hangzhou Asian Para Games.

Wheelchair ramps are available at the entrance of Xiaoshan Sport Centre Gymnasium, accessible seats are offered in the competition venues, and reachable braille buttons, calling control buttons are in place in elevators of the competition venues to facilitate wheelchair users. 

Xiaoshan Store of Intime Department Store provides low service desks and accessible toilets with voice broadcast to improve accessibility for the people with an impairments. The perfect barrier-free facilities show a caring and civil Hangzhou Asian Para Games.

Barrier-free environment is significant to the whole society as it not only is an important condition for people with an impairment to participate in the social life on an equal footing, but also brings safety and convenience to the elderly, pregnant women, children, the sick and wound and others. 

Author:Reporters: Xia Yaqiong Photo by Tang Ke  Editor:Ye Lijiao