How does digital reform change daily life of Hangzhou citizens?
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-05-07 18:08   Source:City Express

Hangzhou Digital Reform Symposium was held yesterday afternoon. The symposium debriefed multipleproposals, including Hangzhou City Brain 2.0 Construction, and deliberated the proposals for the construction of three majorApps, namely, "Credit Hangzhou" App, "Zhejiang Review Digital Intelligence" App HangzhouPilot and "Cultural Relics Security Smart Supervision" App. Hangzhou is going to upgradethe city's governance capacity by advancing the digital reform. 

Hangzhou City Brain 2.0 Smart Traffic has realized data interconnection. Seven sub-scenarios, namely, smart planning, smart traffic control, smart bus, smart subway, smart logistics, smart parking and smart slow traffic, will be built to realize integrated operation of subways and buses, andto ensure a smooth, safe, convenient, efficient and green urban traffic.

The service procedures will be simplified as citizensare allowed tohandle affairs by credit instead of by showing relevant certificates. Various certificatescan be authenticated bymeansof "credit points". Hangzhou is expected to realize mutual recognition of credit points throughout the province by the end of this year. 

With regard to the digital society system, "Safe Children Care" scenario has promoted the development ofmapfor infant and children caring services in Hangzhou; "Order by Code", "Care by Code" and other core sub-scenarios of “Elderly Code”App will be launched for elderly care; "Reassured Training","Tips on School Admission" and other key Apps will be developed for education. 

Author:Reporter: Tang Chenchen  Editor:Gao Mingzhen