ZJU aerial robots perceive the world
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-05-06 15:02   Source:Hangzhou Daily


A group of tiny mini aerial robots were shuttling freely through a bamboo grove in Anji, Huzhou. They were deftly skimming over low bushes, changing the formation through cross flights, and dancinggracefully or chasing each other like birds in the grove.

Flying in droves in the complicated unknown environment has been regarded as a technological bottleneck in the robot and AI fields. Through two years of research, the scientific and research team has solved a series of core technologies, such as intelligent navigation of robots and methods for rapid obstacle avoidance, and has made breakthrough in key technologies, such as sensing surrounding obstacles, positioning, generating flying routes, andmulti-agent communication, in complicated outdoor environment. With these technologies, robots canperceivethe world andareable to fly in groupby avoiding obstacles. The scenarios that once appeared in movies only have come into reality now.

The technical results were published in Science Robotics, an authoritative periodical oftherobotics field, on May 5 and was selected as the cover article of the issue(May). This technology may be applicable to the fields of research and rescue, topographical reconnaissance and life services in the future. 

Author:Reporter: Wang Zeying  Editor:Ye Lijiao