Shared metro bringing closer Shaoxing and Hangzhou
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-04-29 15:40   Source:Hangzhou Daily

Control Centre

Interior of Metro Station

Shaoxing Metro Line 1 (Photo by Reporter Li Zhong)

The main line of Shaoxing Metro Line 1 was open to traffic at 12:00 am on April 29, 2022. Thus, an ultra long metro line that traverses Hangzhou metropolitan area and consists of Hangzhou Metro Line 5 & Line 16, and Shaoxing Metro Line 1, with a total length of nearly 150km, has basically taken shape. The metro line brings closer downtown Hangzhou, Hangzhou Future Sci-tech City and Xiaoshan with downtown Shaoxing and Keqiao.

Firstly, Shaoxing Metro Line 1 will promote the cultural and people-to-people exchanges between Shaoxing and Hangzhou. Just as Hangzhou boasts Songcheng, Tomb of Yue Fei along the West Lake and poetic Su and Bai Causeways, Shaoxing correspondingly has Song Dynasty Mausoleums, Former Residence of Lu You along Jianhu Lake and Sanwei Study in Native Place of Lu Xun to compare well with the former. With the opening of the main line of Shaoxing Metro Line 1, which directly accesses downtown Shaoxing, Hangzhou citizens may readily take a cultural tour to Shaoxing by metro. Every station of the metro line represents a historic place.

Secondly, "one-ticket interchange" helps to accelerate Shaoxing's integration into Hangzhou. The seamless link of the metro lines facilitates transportation and brings closer the essential elements for development. By increasing visitors traffic of relevant plot and bringing along development of the periphery, the metro will enhance the comprehensive development value of the region and accelerate Shaoxing’s integration into Hangzhou metropolitan area. 

Author:Reporter: Xu Xiaoqing  Editor:Ye Lijiao