Black technologies hidden in Hangzhou Olympics Sports Centre Aquatic Sports Arena
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-04-26 14:59   Source:Hangzhou Daily

During the Asian Games, the highly advanced water treatment technology adopted below Hangzhou Olympics Sports Centre Aquatic Sports Arena can not only guarantee the up-to-standard water quality for world-class swimming championships, but also ensure the purity of the water even up to the direct drinking standard without changing the water all the year round. Equipped with a water cycling system that has 7 filters, the Aquatic Sports Arena is comparable to "the Water Cube" in water treatment capacity. Relying on the 24-hour water cycling system, Hangzhou Olympics Sports Centre Aquatic Sports Arena is able to maintain clean and limpid water even if it has not been changed all the year round, according to sources. In addition, the system will automatically add acid and alkali liquor and sodium hypochlorite solution using the precision metering pumps based on testing throughout the process. While fully ensuring water treatment and disinfection, the technology helps the arena to save energy and enhance efficiency, thus making substantial contributions to the target of staging the green, smart, economical and ethical" Asian Games.

Author:Reporter: Jin Tingting; Photo by Zhao Tong  Editor:Ye Lijiao