Famous Painter He Shuifa created 45 paintings of Flowers of the Asian Game
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-04-25 17:05   Source:www.hangzhou2022.cn

Hangzhou Asian Games is approaching. He Shuifa, a local painter from Hangzhou, spent two years in creating 45 paintings of Flowers of the Asian Games for 45 members of the Olympic Council of Asia. He used 45 kinds of flowers to symbolize 45 features. Each flower not only shares the beauty of flowers, but also profoundly embodies the local custom and history.

A tulip is the national flower of several countries, so the difference is hard to interpreter while creating for this painter. According to his account, the tulip in Kyrgyzstan grows on the Gobi Desert, so the leaves are long, and the flowers are in full bloom. For that in Afghanistan, he adopted the ink paintings and used the powerful image of black tulips to represent the era of national wars.

In addition to tulips, for water lilies of Bangladesh, blue lotus of Sri Lanka, and lotus of Vietnam, He Shuifa used different painting styles, endowing them with distinct spiritual temperament.

He Shuifa's paintings are unique in the domestic painting circle, and also highly praised in overseas art circles. Over the past decade, from the national flowers of 20 countries involved in the G20 Summit, and "Hundreds of Silk Road Flowers" for countries along the "Belt and Road" to the present Flowers of the Asian Games, He Shuifa has used Chinese flower & bird paintings to build a cultural bridge of heart-to-heart connection so as to make the people from all over the world appreciate the beauty of Chinese culture, and convey the concept of the community with a shared future for mankind that Chinese nation is united in beauty and the world is in harmony.

Author:  Editor:Ye Lijiao