Renowned Catalpa bungei in Hangzhou Botanical Garden is in full bloom
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-04-15 14:23   Source:Hangzhou.com.cn

Catalpa bungei in Hangzhou Botanical Garden is now in full bloom. Belonging to Catalpa of Bignoniaceae, Catalpa bungei is a deciduous tree featuring dense foliage and big beautiful flowers, known as “King of Trees”. With tall and straight trunk, luxuriant foliage and bell-shaped big flowers dotted with red spots on white corolla, Catalpa bungei looks elegant and has been widely used as an ornamental tree in gardening. It is usually planted in the imperial palaces, courtyards, temples, scenic areas and famous gardens.

Author:Reporter: Wang Xiaoyu Correspondent: Jiang Shuiheng Photo Source: Hangzhou Botanical Garden  Editor:Wang Jian