Admiring Peach Blossoms in Gaoting, and Appreciating the Refined Culture of Song Dynasty
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-04-07 13:24   Source:Hangzhou Daily

Hangzhou (Shangcheng) 9th Gaoting Peach Blossom Festival kicked off in Qiantao Garden Scenic Area in Dinglan Sub-district recently. With the theme of “admiring peach blossoms and appreciating the refined culture of Song Dynasty”, the festival introduced the elements of the Asian Games, culture of Song Dynasty, intangible cultural heritage and common prosperity. These elements were scattered among the approximate 6,000 peach trees to enrich the cultural contents of the peach garden. The opening ceremony was live-streamed online for the first time so as to present the unprecedentedly wonderful moments to more audiences. 

Author:Reporter: Lu Yejue Photo by Li Zhong  Editor:Wang Jian