Where There Is Lawn, There Are Tents! COVID-19 Pandemic Boosts Camping Economy in Holiday
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-04-06 15:54   Source:City Express

During the Pure Brightness Festival that ended yesterday, outdoor camping remained a popular choice of recreation thanks to the fine spring weather. Many netizens shared photos of tent-packed camping sites at Longwu, Xianghu, Qiushan and Longjing that have gone viral online. WeChat moments were awash with photos of exquisite camping life featuring BBQ, coffee and cooked dishes. As a result of COVID-19 resurgence, camping gained tremendous popularity as citizens tended to go excursion in suburb instead of long-distance trips. With more citizens pursuing for a relaxing outdoor recreation, camping bounds to be an industry with greater market shares and huger profits.

Tourists camping at Baoshou Shan in Yuhang District. Photo by Xiayang (Reporter)

Author:Reporter: Wang Xiaoxiao; Photo by Xia Yang (Reporter)  Editor:Wang Jian