Xuling Village Awaiting Visitors
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-03-31 16:22   Source:Hangzhou Daily

Recently, the first Flower Festival in Qiantan Town, Jiande City (county-level), Hangzhou City, was open in Xuling Village which has a history over 2500 years. Multiple programs are performed in the rape flowers of Gudao terraces of which the altitude is nearly 1,000 meters, like dancing in the flowers, folk music performance, hanfu show, ancient tea art show. At the same day, eight major internet-famous photogenic spots in Qiantan Town were unveiled, and the “welcome Hangzhou Asian Games, taste Jiande, travel along 17℃ Xin’an River” photo (short video) competition was officially launched.  

Author:Photo by Sheng Xiaoling (Correspondent) Article by Li Zhong (Reporter)  Editor:Wang Jian