The Young Generation of Postdocs Are Taking the Lead
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-01-14 14:08   Source:Hangzhou Daily

Postdocs are regarded as a vivid miniature of high-level young talents. Up to the end of 2021 there are 277 postdoctoral workstations in Hangzhou, among which 81 of them are of state level. More than 2,000 postdoctoral researchers have been recruited and over 900 finished their research and left, among which over 400 of them chose to stay in Hangzhou. Data shows that postdocs in Hangzhou have conducted 1,533 research programs, winning 321 science and technology awards and patenting 1,016 inventions. Newly increased output value transformed from research achievements reached RMB 38.44 billion and the accumulative profit reached about RMB 11.38 billion.

Author:FU Lingbo (Reporter) MAO Zhihao (Trainee reporter) ZHAO Xing (Correspondent)  Editor:Wang Jian