Where to have a nice brunch?
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Brunches are usually served between 10:30 and 13:30. Hangzhou has seen many brunch restaurants in recent years. While some of them are in shopping malls, others in cultural tourism streets, some others even choose to settle in business and office buildings. Here are some representative yet different styles of brunch for you to try.

Hello 27

The menu at "Hello 27" is managed to cater for brunch eaters and the nearby office workers,some of whom are foreigners who like ordering a salad or pasta with juice. The Chicken & Avocado Laffa Wrap Salad dressed with yoghurt has been proved perfect. Wrapping salad greens and chicken with a soft bottom layer of laffa is quite similar to the way of eating Peking ducks. To eat in, the chef special snack Kaya toast is highly recommended.

Location: D110-1, Euro America Centre, #18, Jiaogong Road

Alimentari Grande

Unlike other internet-famous restaurants, Alimentari Grande provides diners with a variety of ingredients and snacks to take away. Alimentari is a kind of small grocery shop that can be found all over Italy, mainly selling milk, cheese, flour and so on.

Benedict at this shop, especially the salmon benedict looks good and tastes well with spinach, soft-boiled egg and salmon in it. The air-dried beef salad is one of their specialties with soft-boiled eggs, figs and air-dried Bresaola ham.

Location: Sidewalk Avenue, Hangzhou Kerry Centre


AGE HOUSE is located in a small single house with a yard. There is a bar on the first floor (a band will sing after 9 pm), and a restaurant with a terrace on the second floor. It opens at 11a.m., serving brunches till afternoon. The hand-brewed coffee is as good as that in any well-known cafes.

Location: #8, Yugu Road

JINGS Café & Bistro by COZY

Located at Wuliu Alley Historical District, JINGS is decorated in Jiangnan style. At JINGS, you can choose to eat in the hall, on the second-floor terrace or in the yard. It's nice to sit outside and enjoy the warmth of the winter sun, with some cats occasionally walking by. Inside it is decorated with a photo-friendly environment.

JINGS has a wide selection of dishes and wine. Tiramisu is a must-order dessert for its special flavor and extra chopped nuts and berries which balance out the creamy sweetness.

Location: #236, South Jianguo Road

Author:Fang Jingyi  Editor:Wang Jian