Ayrad Cherfa: I'm the champion
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-01-13 14:08   Source:City Express

My name is Ayrad Cherfa. I'm 12.

I am from Algeria, born in Hangzhou. I have been practicing taekwondo since I was in the second grade from a club called Guofeijifeng Taekwondo (国飞极风跆拳道).

In the beginning, I didn't like taekwondo that much. It was just my mom who signed me in, but after a few classes, I got more and more interested, thanks to the coach who made me love it and the luck that I speak Chinese because I was living in China for most of my life.

Each week I practice taekwondo for nine hours. Sometimes it's tough but practice makes perfect and we have to practice a lot to make our legs strong and to control more of our balance. Since the beginning I have always been signing up for competitions and sometimes I lose sometimes I win. It's not always about winning. Taekwondo taught me how to control my anger and emotion.

On Sunday, January 9th I competed in the 10th Zhejiang Taekwondo Elite Competition for Primary and Secondary School Students and got a gold medal. I am now in black and red belt level one. My goal is to get the blackbelt by the age of 16, and ultimately participate in the Olympics to win an international gold medal.

Author:Ayrad Cherfa  Editor:Wang Jian