Hangzhou Takes Near RMB 1.1 Billion at Box Office in 2021
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-01-06 14:36   Source:Hangzhou Daily

According to Zhejiang Film Market Report (2021) released by Zhejiang Film Exhibition Association on January 5, Hangzhou took RMB 1.092 billion at the box office in 2021, ranking first in Zhejiang and seventh in China. 25.33 million people went to the cinemas, the average ticket price reaching RMB 43.13. The report shows that Hangzhou now owns 196 cinemas, with 1,498 screens and 195,734 seats. 6,700 films are put on every day in Hangzhou cinemas, calculated from the annual data. Booming film market provides quality public cultural service for Hangzhou citizens.

Author:ZHANG Lei (Chief reporter)  Editor:Wang Jian