An interview with a student: Hangzhou, the Place Where Dreams Set Sail from
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-01-06 13:57   Source:Hangzhoufeel

With an overwhelming sense of joy and anticipation for the new stage of life, at the age of 18, I came to Hangzhou, a very beautiful and inclusive city.

In the fall of the second year of college, I've just learned to bike. Bravely, taking the subway alone to came to West Lake, I began to ride around West Lake, a quite typical symbol of Hangzhou. Although there were no bike lanes on some roads, and the parking of shared bikes was restricted, that still was the quietest and most pleasant time I can recall now and cherish most, with no one to disturb me and just enjoying the beauty of Hangzhou alone. When getting tired, the only thing to do was to park the shared bike nearby and then walked into the inner part of West Lake to see the paradise praised by the world. Up to now, I've done this alone many times. Cycling brings me peace and Hangzhou brings me good memories.

Hongzhou is also a city with dreams. Proximity to Alibaba and plenty of startups, I can easily see their staff talking about something new and interesting around me when going to the nearby shopping malls at lunch time. What' more, I was so fortunately to participate in the Alibaba Summit as a volunteer, which opened up the whole new vistas for me. The youthful and talented appearance, the brand-new viewpoints for me had taken root in my heart invisibly, which drove me to fulfill my own dream at the same time. Being the kind of person who exudes vigor and confidence, that's also what I tell myself every time I meet them.

Holding a firm belief that Hangzhou will accept anyone who is willing to strive for their dreams, I made up my mind to further my studies and realize my dream here. Hangzhou is exactly the place where my dreams set sail from.

Author:  Editor:Wang Jian