An interview with a student: Witness the Development of Hangzhou from Cangqian
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Witness the Development of Hangzhou from Cangqian

I study in Cangqian campus of Hangzhou Normal University. It has been six years since I came to Hangzhou in 2016. In the past six years, I have personally experienced the rapid development of Hangzhou.

I still remember the first school check-in in 2016. After leaving Hangzhoudong Railway Station, I took the bus for more than two hours to get to school! And it made me have a churning stomach! Looking around, I had the illusion of going to college in the countryside: vast fields, few buildings, and no prosperous business circles. So, I reluctantly started my monotonous college life. At that time, the surrounding takeout industry was still underdeveloped, because there were few restaurants around. Every time when we want to improve our diet, we had to go further. And at that time, there was no subway. At least an hour's bus ride stopped us from exploring elsewhere in Hangzhou. Therefore, at that time, I never thought of staying in Hangzhou to settle down and work in the future.

But what is amazing is that Cangqian has undergone earth shaking changes in the short six years. It seems that it has emerged into a butterfly in an instant. On June 24, 2019, Hangzhou Metro Line 5 was opened, and Hangzhou Normal University became a university with three subway stations. The subway was like the key to the cage, which suddenly gave us freedom. Daily travel suddenly became convenient. After that, my footprints began to spread all over Hangzhou. Now, the nearby Hangzhouxi Railway Station is about to be completed, which will open a new era for our travel! In addition, the surrounding high-rise buildings are springing up, and the business circle appears one by one. Therefore, from the original Dream Town to today’s EFC, AUX Square, WeTown, Xixi TianJie, and so on, we have more choices for eating, drinking and fun, which greatly enrich our after-school life. Moreover, after Alibaba settled in the Future Science and Technology City, in recent years, giant companies such as OPPO, VIVO, Ding Talk and Byte Dance have settled in it, which has greatly driven the economic and technological development of the surrounding areas, and provided more choices for students' employment after graduation.

In six years, earth shaking changes have taken place around me. Cangqian has changed from an underdeveloped “small countryside” to today's bustling modern city. And it is only a microcosm of Hangzhou. From the development of Cangqian, we can intuitively feel the rapid development of the whole Hangzhou. Therefore, six years ago, I had never thought of settling in Hangzhou after graduation, but now I am determined to contribute to the development of this city as one of the new Hangzhou people.


Author:  Editor:Wang Jian