Small Lamp, Big Power: Hangzhou’s Energy-Saving Street Lamp Program Is Introduced Nationwide
Hangzhou News   2021-11-25 14:51   Source:Hangzhou Daily

Hangzhou’s smart illumination program was listed as this year’s provincial-level pilot standardization program in October, and the comprehensive use of street lamp post won a third prize for scientific and technological innovation at the 16th CIES Illuminating Awards hosted by China Illuminating Engineering Society. After years of renovation, the illumination of 227 old open residential areas and 18 riverways and footpaths have been effectively improved, 3,511 dark zones have been lit up, and 435 roads in the main urban area have become lighter, all contributing to a brighter, safer environment for the public. With a growth of 40% in luminance, Hangzhou’s street lamps now save electricity for near 100,000 kw every day.


Author: REN Yan (Reporter) GU Ying & CHEN Pei (Correspondents)  Editor:Wang Jian