Digitalization Powers up Hangzhou’s “Zero Waste City” Construction
Hangzhou News   2021-11-22 15:00   Source:

Hangzhou brought forward the goal of overall “zero waste city” last August. Now the concept has permeated all walks of life in the city, helping it develop a new mode known as “Zero Waste Hangzhou” featuring “multi-party governance, green and low carbon, innovation demonstration, and digital wisdom”. It is worth mentioning that the “zero waste wharf” is able to reduce the negative effects of muck pollution to the minimum, the smart supervision gives a full-coverage monitoring to medical waste, “smart account” supervises the collection and transport of waste from the start to the end, and a full-chain closed-loop smart supervision system has been developed to deal with dangerous waste.

Author:REN Yan (Reporter) CHEN Aimin (Correspondent)  Editor:Wang Jian