Hangzhou’s Housing Guarantee System Is Upgraded and Becomes More Diversified
Hangzhou News   2021-11-18 15:39   Source:Hangzhou Daily

Many of this year’s housing guarantee projects have been included in Hangzhou’s “top 10 projects to improve people’s living standards”. After over ten months of positive deployment, Hangzhou Housing Guarantee and Management Bureau has provided 5,518 public rental houses and offered monetary subsidies to 50,310 households. Besides, the construction of 1,116,300m2 of new guarantee houses has started. Supporting policies have also been released: The rent will be 800 yuan per month only and household registration will no longer be a limitation. With public rental houses, blue collar apartments, special rental houses for talents, and various subsidies, “living in Hangzhou” has now become a matter of happiness instead of difficulty.

Author:Article by XU Xiaolei & FANG Xuanzhong  Editor:Wang Jian