The Renovation of Hangzhou’s Old Residential Areas Completes Ahead of Schedule
Hangzhou News   2021-11-17 16:24   Source:Hangzhou Daily

News from Hangzhou Municipal Commission of Urban-Rural Development yesterday said that 201 old residential areas have been renovated by the end of October, meaning that this year’s goal of the improvement of people’s living standards has been reached ahead of schedule. According to Hangzhou Investigation Team of the National Bureau of Statistics, 98.9% of Hangzhou citizens support the renovation of old residential areas and 96.3% of them are satisfied with the result. Taking both environmental management and service governance into consideration, each renovated residential area adjusts measures to local conditions, explores resource stock, and taps the full potential of them, thus developing a “one-stop” comprehensive service system.


Author:WANG Lili (Reporter) WANG Zhaoyi (Trainee reporter) HANG Jianxuan (Correspondent)  Editor:Wang Jian