Hangzhou Is Gathering Strength to Create a Better Entrepreneurial Eco-System in the Following Five Years
Hangzhou News   2021-09-14 14:52   Source:Hangzhou Daily

There’re large quantities of makers in Hangzhou. How to attract more makers? How to retain them? How to enhance entrepreneurship? Keeping these questions in mind, Hangzhou is planning to invest 50 billion yuan in technological and industrial innovation in the following five years to improve business environment, establish platforms for innovation, and develop new financial products. As Hangzhou is steadily heading towards the goal of developing into “a city of innovation and vitality”, more and more “mass innovation & mass entrepreneurship” factors will be integrated into its “city DNA”. Entrepreneurs from all over the world will write their own stories here with their vitality and energy.

Author:LIU Jinyang (Reporter)  Editor:Wang Jian