Hangzhou Biopharma Town Will Be Upgraded from Three Perspectives
Hangzhou News   2021-09-13 13:53   Source:Hangzhou Daily

Newly-released Urban Design of the Extension Area of Hangzhou Biopharma Town provides Hangzhou Biopharma Town with broad “space of imagination”. Core of the biopharma industry of Hangzhou, HBT is expecting a new round of upgrading.

The design is divided into two parts – overall conceptual plan and urban design of core area. The former will cover a total area of about 3.8 km2 and the latter 1.28 km2. Centering “City-People-Industry” integrated development goal, the design aims to further improve the industrial cluster level of HBT from three perspectives – managing the city, attracting more people, and developing the industry – to make the environment and image of HBT more innovative, competitive, and attractive.

Author:SHI Junjie (Reporter) FANG Yan & ZHOU Wen (Correspondents)  Editor:Wang Jian