This Year’s No. 6 Typhoon “Fireworks” Is Coming!
Hangzhou News   2021-07-19 14:11   Source:City Express

This Year’s No. 6 Typhoon “Fireworks” was generated on the ocean surface of the Northwest Pacific at 2 o’clock on the morning of 18th July. Judging from the track of “Fireworks”, wind and rain will visit Zhejiang for sure, said Zhejiang Meteorological Observatory. Hangzhou Meteorological Observatory also pointed out that the weather of Hangzhou this week totally depends on the track of “fireworks”. If it keeps moving northward, Hangzhou will be greatly influenced. If it keeps moving southward, the influence will be much smaller. There’ll be more showers and thunderstorms in Hangzhou early this week due to easterly airstream. As the typhoon moves close to the mainland, there will be more rainfall after Thursday.

Author:SUN Qian (Reporter)  Editor:Wang Jian