Dog Days Expected to Continue to This Weekend
Hangzhou News   2021-07-16 14:51   Source: City Express

Yesterday afternoon, the maximum air temperature of Hangzhou downtown climbs to 38.2℃, hitting a record high of this year. The high temperature has continued for consecutively 5 days. However, the weather is expected to be suspended at this weekend as thundershower is to increase in the afternoon of tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Meanwhile, the maximum air temperature is to drop below 35℃. It is a good thing to have summer heat relieved by thundershower. But it should be noted that the continuous dog days are to be followed by a huge build-up of energy in the atmosphere, which may be released by gale and strong thunder and lightning in afternoon thundershower. People who plan to go out should take precautions in advance.

Author:Reporter SUN Qian SONG Yun Photo: SONG Yun  Editor:Wang Jian