“Hangzhou Style Life of Song Dynasty Charm” Is Introduced at Macau International Travel (Industry) Expo
Hangzhou News   2021-07-13 13:58   Source:Hangzhou Daily

A promotion event under the theme of “Hangzhou Style Life of Song Dynasty Charm” was held by Hangzhou at the 9th Macau International Travel (Industry) Expo the other day. Combining with Song painting, the event consists of eight zones, including “Blue Sky after Rain”, “Playing the Guqin at the Window”, “Carving the memory”, “Sipping the Tea and Appreciating the Flowers”, “Aroma of Song Wine”, “Beautiful Song Costumes”, “Elegant Song Amusement”, and “Travel in Song Dynasty Charm”. It introduces the charm and aesthetics of Hangzhou style life of Song Dynasty from multiple perspectives and allows Macau citizens and tourists to experience Song culture and understand the beauty of integrated art and life in an intimate way.

Author:ZHANG Yali (Reporter)  Editor:Wang Jian