The Story of Blood and Love Lights up Hangzhou
Hangzhou News   2021-06-11 14:40   Source:Hangzhou Daily

769,100 voluntary blood donations took place last year, donating near 1.2 million cc of blood. Many citizens rolled up their sleeves to donate blood on the site of the theme activity in celebration of the 18th World Blood Donor Day. 100 voluntary blood donation activities under the theme of “Inherit the Hot Blood and Keep the Original Aspiration” will be held between 10th June and 1st July. Moreover, Hangzhou will pay tribute to voluntary blood donors by “lighting up the entire city” from 11th to 15th June. Theme light shows will be put on at Qianjiang New City and along the banks of Qiantang River. Promotion videos of voluntary blood donors will be played on more than 140 outdoor LED screens on Hangzhou landmarks, over 13,000 mobile televisions in buses, and over 8,400 electronic screens in metro stations.

Author:KE Jing (Reporter)  Editor:Zhang Di