Shanghai and Suzhou Enter the Plum-Rain Season Today. Will Hangzhou Join Them Soon?
Hangzhou News   2021-06-10 14:22   Source:Urban Express

Will the sun start shining again from toady? Wake up. The rain just can’t stop pouring down. Weather forecast shows the whole Dragon Boat Festival (12th – 14th June) will be spent in the rain.

Zhejiang Provincial Observatory listed the “weather recipe” of Hangzhou yesterday afternoon: a temperature above 32°C and a humidity above 70%. Doesn’t that sound like a typical plum-rain season day? Yes, Zhejiang usually enters the plum-rain season right on 10th June.

Shanghai and Suzhou announced yesterday that the plum-rain season would start today. It seems Hangzhou will enter the season too. We may get update today.

Author:YU Xiwen (Reporter)   Editor:ChengHuiyu