Hangzhou “Digital & Intelligent Disabled Persons’ Federation” System Is Launched
Hangzhou News   2021-06-08 14:25   Source:Hangzhou Daily

Apps including Zhe Li Ban and Hangzhou City Brain allow the disabled to learn information about various preferential policies and guarantee services fitting their own demands. The new system will make life much easier for them.

Hangzhou Municipal Disabled Persons’ Federation accelerates the new process of data collecting and generating, synergistic application, early warning and monitoring, analysis and judgement based on the reshaping of system and the re-building of process. In this way the new system is able to provide quick response to the demand of the disabled and the social force that helps the disabled, making accurate matching and offering individual, optimized solutions. All these service scenarios will bring the disabled practical help.

Author:YANG Yunfei (Correspondent) SHI Jie (Reporter)  Editor:ChengHuiyu