333,000 Zhejiang Examinees Are Taking the National College Entrance Exam Today
Hangzhou News   2021-06-07 10:00   Source:Urban Express

A total of 333,000 Zhejiang examinees, a slight increase from the number of last year, take the national college entrance exam this year. 269,000 examinees participate in the unified exam and the other 64,000 participate in separate exams of certain colleges. There’re over 11,000 exam rooms in total, scattered over 306 test centers in 75 test districts.

Tests for Chinese, math, foreign language and selected subjects will be held between 7th and 10th June in Zhejiang: Chinese on the morning and math on the afternoon of 7th June; technology on the morning and foreign language on the afternoon of 8th June; physics and ideology & politics on the morning and chemistry on the afternoon of 9th June; history and biology on the morning and geography on the afternoon of 10th June. Separate exams will be held on 7th June, Chinese in the morning and math in the afternoon.

Author:HU Xinchang (Reporter)   Editor:ChengHuiyu