Popular Chinese Roses on the City Balcony Will Be Seen along Shangtang River and Yuhangtang River Next Year
Hangzhou News   2021-05-21 14:52   Source:Hangzhou Daily

As Chinese roses entered full-blossom period at the end of last month, the elevated roads and overpasses in Hangzhou are beautifully decorated all the way, making drivers and passengers feel delighted. Near 1,000 Chinese roses on the City Balcony, which are quite popular on the Internet, are also in full bloom. Every flower, pink or red, is as large as your fist.

According to the Urban Water Facility and Riverway Center of Hangzhou Urban Management Bureau, the popular Chinese roses on the City Balcony will be seen along the riverbanks in Hangzhou. At present they have started introducing Nanyang rose trees, which will be planted in the greenways along Shangtang River and Yuhangtang River. The roses will be unveiled before the Asian Games next year.

Author:REN Yan (Reporter)  Editor:ChengHuiyu