Hangzhou’s Seventh Census Shows a Population of 11,936,010
Hangzhou News   2021-05-18 14:26   Source:Urban Express

Hangzhou’s seventh census (2020), which was released yesterday afternoon, shows a permanent resident population of 11,963,010 by 00:00 1st November, 2020. Hangzhou has replaced Wenzhou as the city with the largest population in Zhejiang.

Where are the permanent residents living? Xiaoshan District, with a population of 2,011,700, ranks first in the whole city. Occupying 16.85% of the total population of Hangzhou, Xiaoshan District is also the urban district with the largest population in Zhejiang. Shangcheng District ranks second with a population of 1,323,500 and Yuhang District ranks third with a population of 1,226,700. Chun’an County, with a population of 329,000, has the smallest population in Hangzhou.

Author:YIN Junling (Reporter) Diagram by GAO Wei  Editor:ChengHuiyu