Hangzhou Museum’s Wu Hua Tian Bao Exhibition Hall Will Reopen, Displaying 6 Pieces of Extremely Precious Cultural Relics
Hangzhou News   2021-05-17 14:08   Source:Urban Express

Wu Hua Tian Bao Exhibition Hall, part of the north venue of Hangzhou Museum, reopened on 15th May in celebration of the International Museum Day, which falls on 18th May.

The exhibition hall collects 351 pieces of cultural relics in total, including 14 first-grade pieces, 13 second-grade pieces, and 33 third-grade pieces. Ranging from pottery, pottery, to jade ware, bronze ware, stoneware, and other categories, the exhibits show the rich underground historical and cultural relics of Hangzhou. Five sets of precious cultural relics will be exhibited this time, among which four of them are first-grade cultural relics. It’s worth mentioning that six pieces among them are too precious to miss!

Author:YU Xiwen (Reporter) CHEN Jing (Correspondent)   Editor:ChengHuiyu