Sorry, your e-bike arel not allowed to be in HZ elevators
Hangzhou News   2021-05-14 14:34   Source:City Express

Earlier this week in Chengdu, three men and a woman with a five-month-old baby were hospitalized in ICU after an electric bike exploded inside an elevator.

Electric bikes, the most welcoming mode of transport in China, are banned inside residential building elevators in Hangzhou since May 1, 2020, with enforcement.

Communities have come up with effective ways such as using AI cameras. Once an electric bike is detected, the sound broadcast would remind riders not to pull it inside or the elevator would stop ascending.

However, the challenge has always been “where to charge the bike”, if not in the apartment?

In many communities in Hangzhou, collective bike lots are seen upgraded and equipped with charging sockets. In Santangrenjia (三塘人家) community, each charge for up to 6 hours costs only 1 yuan.

More potential hazard caused by vehicles are strictly regulated in Santangrenjia.

For vehicles occupying the emergency exits in the community, they can be detected by the sensor and the registered owners will be informed soon with a message to remove the vehicle.

Author:Wu Yuehua  Editor:Zhang Di