Community wins hearts with people-oriented development
Hangzhou News   2021-05-11 15:33   Source:www.ehangzhou.gov.cn

The Qicai residential community in Guali town, Xiaoshan district is developing smoothly in a people-oriented manner, local media outlets reported.

Convenience is one of the keywords people use to describe life in Qicai.

"Living in urban Hangzhou is not always as convenient as living here," said a woman surnamed Yu. "Here, there are shops, restaurants, a gym, and a cinema which are just a short walk from my home."

The facilities Yu mentioned, which are situated in a six-story building, are part of the efforts that Qicai community has made in recent years to learn from Singapore's advanced community management experience and improve its neighborhood environment.

The building was upgraded from an outdoor bus terminal and has been expanded to include a cinema, a gym, a library, a public service center, an activity center, and several parking lots.

Zhou Jianmin, a local resident, said he has been satisfied with the public service center which was put into operation in 2020.

"I can have my errands handled in the neighborhood just as easy as doing some shopping," Zhou said.

Like many other administrative service centers in Hangzhou, Zhou can enjoy services via self-service machines. A total of over 260 public services including medical insurance, social insurance, and citizen cards are included. The center also operates longer hours now, from 9 am to 8 pm every day.

Gong Qingqing, a young woman who moved to Qicai community last October, is an active participant of the community's various public courses and activities, which were carried out to meet people's diversified intellectual and cultural needs.

"I was deeply attracted by the community's rich and colorful activities every week and I can apply via WeChat," Gong said.

In addition to taking part in dancing, martial arts, and tea art activities, Gong has set up her own beauty makeup group and opened several courses and activities.

Presently, the 12 hobby groups in Qicai community have staged over 100 cultural shows and opened over 500 free courses. 

"We are just like a big family together," said Tang Yi, an active participant of the tea art group.

Author:  Editor:Zhang Di